Goodness: Never Good Enough and Not Your Job

The Cab Ride: A sweet lesson on kindness, nobility, and ethics. The Internet is filled with stories that are published on blogs and propagated by email. Stories to make you laugh or cry, and stories that will give you hope. This is one such story about a story of virtue and patience that's flying across … [Read more...]

Using The Bible to Promote Critical Thinking to Kids. Really?

While reading a story about beer - 10 healthy reasons to have a beer - at, I was presented with the advertisement that sits [dramatic sweeping of my hand across the screen as if I'm a hot chick selling a car] before you. The ad is for, a site with the catchy claim that Parents … [Read more...]

New Rules, From Canada to Muslims of the World

Dear non-Canadian Muslims, More often than not, I defend you, but you need to pay close attention to this. The Canadian government has passed a new citizenship regulation that requires Muslim women to remove their niqabs and burkas in front of a judge when they are swearing an oath to become Canadian … [Read more...]

Yoga. It’s Like a Gateway Drug to SATAN … and Hindus.

The good Catholic Priest Father Gabriele Amorth who was appointed Chief Exorcist to the Vatican back in 1986 but has since retired, he's back in the news with reminder warnings about ... yoga. Uh hu. It's Satanic, just like Harry Potter and Hindus (apparently) says the priest who has authored several … [Read more...]

THANKSGIVING: Macaroni and Cheese … It’s a Black Thing

Sit down for this. During a recent episode of Pat Robertson's 700 Club, co-anchor Kristi Watts interviewed Condoleezza Rice, asked about her Thanksgiving traditions  ... and then it got amusing. Kristi: "What's the one thing at Thanksgiving you just have to have?" Condoleezza: "It's Mac and … [Read more...]

ANONYMOUS to the Westboro Baptist Church: Consider Yourself … Warned

UPDATE FEBRUARY 21, @ 11:49PM EST: Anonymous has issued a press release stating that the original story about their warning to the Westboro Baptist Church was a hoax, allegedly started by WBC. The original story here has remained intact with the updated information added at the end. Infamous for their God … [Read more...]

The Westboro Baptist Church Picketing

UPDATE MARCH 4TH, 2011: On Wednesday, March 2nd, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that a father grieving over the death of his son and Westboro Baptist Church's protests at his Marine son's funeral, must suck it up and play second fiddle to Westboro's First Amendment rights to free speech, mocking, and hate. For … [Read more...]

U.S. Supreme Court: Dead Marine’s Family -VS- Westboro

In March of 2006, 20-year-old Matthew Snyder, a Lance Corporal with the U.S. Marine Corp., died in Iraq. Later that month, the Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket his funeral, which was intended to be a private affair for family and friends. Snyder's father filed a lawsuit against the "Church" for … [Read more...]

Dude You Have No Quran

Jacob Isom, fighting for equality and justice for all ... and coming to a dance club near you! Duuuuude, that's frickin' RIGHTEOUS. … [Read more...]

Obama: The Incoherent President Explained

Over the last few days it seems that people all over America - citizens and media alike - are getting real edgy with Obama's statements regarding the proposed NYC mosque. That would be the "Ground Zero"' mosque that's not actually planned for the "Ground Zero" site, but rather 2 blocks away. Anyway … [Read more...]