Please Don’t Rape ChiChi. Chihuahuas Don’t Like It.

Meet 40-year-old Tomas Bautista of Oakland Park, Florida. He likes long walks, sunsets, casual dining with friends, and he's always up to try something new. Tomas is spending some quality time in court today for a little alleged misunderstanding. By that I mean he allegedly mistook his roommate's … [Read more...]

LAZY. LAZY. LAZY. Bank Robbery Ain’t Their Forte

Meet Shakir Taylor (19) and his sister, Kadija Taylor (20) of Donnell Drive in Prince George's County, Maryland. The crafty duo have been arrested without incident by the Prince George's County Police Dept. following a robbery at the local M&T Bank on November 8. Brother and sister walked in, handed a … [Read more...]

Power Tripping Safeway Security Guard Gets Canned

Dear Dumbass Safeway Security Guard, In case you don't understand WHY Safeway fired you, allow me to explain. I'll go slow. I know you always dreamed of being a cop, but you're a security guard at Safeway. Interrogating a 4-year-old girl that you allegedly caught eating from a bag of dried … [Read more...]

Florida Pedophile Serving Life Sentence Sues State Over Soy

David J. Northrup, aka. Eric D. Harris, a 34-year-old Florida man serving a life sentence for sexual battery on a child under 12, has filed a lawsuit against the state claiming that feeding inmates soy-based foods constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of Article 1, number 17 of the Florida … [Read more...]

Rutgers Student “Brutally” Beaten by NBPD … Really?

Police in New Brunswick, NJ, have launched an Internal Affairs investigation following the arrest of a 20-year-old Rutgers University student as police were responding to a large brawl at an off-campus party this past weekend. A video of the arrest appeared on YouTube showing officers tossing a few shots … [Read more...]

100 Sled Dogs Slaughtered in Whistler and I Call Bullshit

This week there's been significant coverage regarding Robert Fawcett's brutal slaughter of 100 sled dogs in Whistler. A lot of piecemeal reporting, very angry people, threats of violence, and a whole lot of drivel ... things that need to be addressed properly. What follows is a rather detailed and lengthy … [Read more...]

Action / Reaction: Antoine Dodson Warns About Santa Claus

This past summer, a man by the name of Antoine Dodson was interviewed by an NBC news affiliate regarding an attempted rape of his sister by an intruder in her bedroom. Dodson, a rather colorful character, warned the masses, by saying: Obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park. He's climbing in your … [Read more...]

Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure Author … BUSTED

FOLLOWUP: You may remember a story from last month that I posted on Facebook about selling a book called The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct. At the time, the Kindle-only book was on sale for $4.79 and ranked as the 158,221st best-selling Kindle book at … [Read more...]

Kentucky Man Forced To Eat His Beard

If there's a story out there today that could be more redneck than this ... SOOOOO WEEEEE! … [Read more...]

Farmville Loon Kills Her Baby

In the game Farmville, your crops can die if you don't care for them properly, but that's make believe. Do you know what can die for real? Babies. Just ask 22-year-old Alexandra Tobias of Jacksonville, Florida, who pled guilty to second-degree murder on Wednesday for shaking her baby to death ... for … [Read more...]