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Contact Us

We’re always focused on the media and online resources in search of the latest dimwit and dumbass activity to rant and rave about, but even our eagle eyed sarcastic crew can’t find it all. If you’ve got a suggestion that you’d like to toss on the table, don’t hesitate to drop us a line by email with all the juicy details.

In your message, be sure to provide as much info as possible: a link to the original story, quote, or video, and a little blurb about why you think it’s just so bloody ridiculous. Don’t forget to include your name and a link to your site (if you’ve got one) that we can credit should we choose to put it in the spotlight.

And if you want to send a complaint, hate mail, or tell us how pretty we are … we’ll take that, too.

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Please Note: Messages to the keyed account will be routed internally to the appropriate address for followup with you. The public address key will change from time to time and is not intended for use by mailing and marketing lists or as a permanent point of contact.

Messages with most attachments (office docs, pdfs, archives, scripts, etc.) by unauthorized / unknown senders are automatically rejected and will not be received.

Messages intended as solicitations and sales pitches of any kind will almost certainly be ignored.

Messages with clearly forged sender addresses, IPs, and malformed email headers are always rejected.