World Cup – Netherlands Babes and Fans

36 women were removed from Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg during Monday's Holland-Denmark game ... for wearing orange! The gals arrived to the event decked out in their red and white Dutch fan gear and then "stripped" down to the orange "Dutch Dresses" during the game - attire that's very popular amongst … [Read more...]

PETA and Sex: A Photo Essay

PETA takes a lot of heat for some of their graphic videos and protests, they also take heat for their use of sex in ad campaigns ... and that just doesn't sit well with me -- particularly when you consider how sexual imagery is used elsewhere. Follow along as I present you with ads for PETA and other well … [Read more...]

Tea Party Edumacation

If Sarah Palin and the Tea Party "movement" still haven't scared the crap out of you, maybe these photos will do the trick. Pay attention to the witty slogans and creative spelling. We've got our fav but we'd love to know yours - like it or comment. … [Read more...]

Interesting Products: Your Dirty Mind

Sex, sex, sex. That's all some people think of, but some of these products, services, and slogans leave much to the imagination while others are just a tad blunt. Don't be bashful about liking your favorites. … [Read more...]

Interesting Products: Hodge Podge

There are a lot of weird and interesting products out there. Some are just plain odd, while others make you wonder ... what the hell were they thinking? Be sure to "Like" your favorites. … [Read more...]