Student Debt: They Fibbed About MY Passion Potentional?

Nick Keith (36) went to Iowa State University for an engineering degree but decided it just wasn’t a “right fit” for him. He dropped out in his sophomore year and went to the California Culinary Academy after seeing all those spiffy TV commercials on the Food Network pitching the fame and glory of being a master chef or managing fancy hotels and such … or some other drivel targeted at all the little snowflakes looking for jobs in the field of sunshine making. [sniff]

Nick graduated from culinary school and with that Le Cordon Bleu training – oui oui – he scored his very first culinary gig … making 10 bucks an hour on a food assembly line.

Seems all that misty “turn your passion into an exciting career” stuff ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

8yrs later, the Nickster is still $142,000 in debt from all those loans to go to school and he’s living in a van.

Sweet delicious passion!

On the upside, he’s featured in a film called “Default: The Student Loan Documentary” which “chronicles the stories of borrowers from different backgrounds affected by the private student lending industry and their struggles to change the system.”

The Lesson Here Today, Kiddies?

The camera LOVES YOU and you could turn your passion of self into an exciting career in film!

Why waste more time and money finishing that boring degree you’ve already been working on and getting good grades in when you can quit and pursue a life of PASSION AND EXCITEMENT!

Just send $50,000 in unmarked bills to LOOK DUMBASS and I will send you a customized set of courseware – HOW TO MAKE IT IN FILM, BIG LD STYLE – to study at home and at your own pace! Complete the final exam given by email and there’s a 99% chance you’ll be walking on the red carpet one day!!

Disclaimer: The terms “walking” and “on” the red carpet include but are not limited to: kneeling, scrubbing, vacuuming, and bending over to pick up used condoms while cleaning that nasty motel room with red carpets that charges by the 1/2 hr.

  • Valcunpro


    • Shudder, indeed. Everyone is free to study whatever they want but folks must start using that noggin’ before taking on massive student debt because they saw some spiffy commercial or want to turn that “passion” into a career.

      Have money to burn, take any and every course you want. Don’t have money to burn, you best spend some time seriously researching the industry you’re essentially betting on for a livelihood.

  • Ben Aubrey

    The story you use as an example just seems a case of the guy not being very good at what he wants to do. After 8 years of working with your degree if you don’t have a good job it’s on you.

    I have several friends who are chefs and they have had no problems getting sous chef jobs at good places with that amount of experience.