Walmart Manager VS. Christmas Douchebags

A Walmart assistant manager decided to close up shop 1/2 hour before the posted closing time on Christmas eve. The store was supposed to officially close at 8:00pm, he decided to stop allowing new customers in at 7:30pm. Hey, it’s CHRISTMAS EVE, most people have already taken care of business, and maybe Mr. Walmart Manager figured he’d be nice to staff and send them home early for a little Merry Christmas.

Sounds good, right?

It does … UNLESS you’re these two fucklenut meatheads that decided to leave shopping for their kiddies until 1/2hr before store closing ON CHRISTMAS EVE.

Bonus LOOK DUMBASS points are awarded to the big, bald, loudmouthed, ignant, douchebag WHITE dude who tells the WHITE manager at 0:14 … “Technically this is discrimination,” then going on to say later in the video “Did you not have enough Mexicans working for you? You gotta pay white people more money or something?”

Yeah, it’s discrimination.

Discrimination against big, bald, ignant, douchebags.

What is it about WalMart that brings out some of the biggest douchebags and rabid consumers that act like shopping at Walmart is a matter of life and death?

  • I had the same type of issue last year. Some douchefuck decided at 10 minutes before closing on Christmas eve to come shopping for something for his wife…I did not give good customer service that day. I gave him 5 minutes then showed him the door. Walmart staff takes a bashing, and sometimes rightly so..but damn the way customers treat retail employees of any sort is often times less than kind.

  • The_tweety38

     I could see people being angry if it was any other normal day/eve. of the year. But its Christmas eve., It was nice for the ass. manager to let these employees leave a little early.
    If people haven’t done their shopping by now, too fricken bad, they had ALL month to do so!!
    Typical of some people tho, they were the ones who screwed up, so now they came scream, swear & threaten someone else for it ;p
    And he had the nerve to say to the ass. manager that he’s going to have to explain to his manager why the store closed…geesh fat-head, no I guess you’ll be the one explaining it your kids, how you waited all damn month to the last min. to shop for them, and now they have no gifts!!
    Whether its Walmart or any other retail store, staff always end up getting treated like crap,  from the customers, especially at Christmas time. These stupid customers should all be made take an anger-management course before they step foot into a store at Christmas!!

  • Purdon3920

    i assume that these men were working the entire day and perhaps had visits with their children and didnt want to dissappoint them on christmas, i have to side with them on the closing time, however i dont think the manager has much training in interpersonal communications, he didnt offer a valid explanation only he kept repeating himself. perhaps if he had indicated they were closing the store down at 8 pm and that all shoppers must be cleared from the store prior to the 8 pm closing.   and you are lucky here in ontario, walmart was open only till 6pm. i waited till xmas eve to go get my hair cut only because i knew they would not be busy in walmart at that time and i was right, you could have shot a cannon through the walmart in my area at 430pm

  • Guest

    Perhaps before calling other people dumbass you should learn how to spell, ‘ignant’ is not a word, ignorant, however, is.