LAZY. LAZY. LAZY. Bank Robbery Ain’t Their Forte

Meet Shakir Taylor (19) and his sister, Kadija Taylor (20) of Donnell Drive in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The crafty duo have been arrested without incident by the Prince George’s County Police Dept. following a robbery at the local M&T Bank on November 8.

Brother and sister walked in, handed a note to a teller demanding money, got their cashola and split. Police were stumped for a short spell until they realized … hey, there’s no getaway car.


Kadija was arrested shortly afterwards and Shakir was arrested yesterday at his home. That would be the home that’s on the VERY SAME BLOCK AS THE BANK THEY DECIDED TO ROB.

Allegedly, of course.


People, if you’re going to rob a bank, don’t be so damn lazy. Spread your wings. Rent a car. Maybe take a train or bus to another city. Walking up to your neighborhood bank on the corner says you lack focus and drive.