Hump Day’s Sexy Lady: November 16th, 2011

It’s Wednesday, November 16th, and that makes it the UN’s International Day for Tolerance. Pretty ironic considering there’s a ratfink hiding within the herd that’s whining about being offended. Anyhoo, I digress. Today is also Hump Day and as always, sexy chick pics are now being served on the lido deck.

Today’s Factoids Take a Toll

The obligatory daily factoids, also known as a cover story you can tell the wife if she catches this page open. Honest, sweety! I’m learning things, like …

A device many of us resent but which saves a lot of time, first went into service this week in 1954 — the automatic toll collection machine. [BOOOOO!] It was installed at the Union Toll Plaza on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway. Motorists dropped coins into a wire mesh hopper, triggering a green light that told them to proceed.

The idea soon caught on at toll roads around the country, reducing the number of booth attendants and speeding cars on their way. Many toll roads now offer electronic devices that allow motorists to pay their fee without even stopping.

There are more than 4,800 miles of toll roads in the U.S. — a tiny fraction of the more than 4 million miles of roads crisscrossing the nation.

— Source: Chase’s Calendar of Events 2011 and the U.S. Census Bureau

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