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Hump Day’s Sexy Lady: November 30th, 2011

It's Wednesday, November 30th, and it was back on this day in 1982 that the best-selling album of all time was released ... Michael Jackson's Thriller. Speaking of Thriller, today is HUMP DAY and that means I get to post my weekly hot sexy chick pics. See what I just did there? Always thinking. Today's … [Read more...]

LAZY. LAZY. LAZY. Bank Robbery Ain’t Their Forte

Meet Shakir Taylor (19) and his sister, Kadija Taylor (20) of Donnell Drive in Prince George's County, Maryland. The crafty duo have been arrested without incident by the Prince George's County Police Dept. following a robbery at the local M&T Bank on November 8. Brother and sister walked in, handed a … [Read more...]

Man Meat Mondays: November 28th, 2011

It's Monday, November 28th, and it was on this day in 1990 that Margaret Thatcher formally tendered her resignation to Queen Elizabeth. The iron lady had strong kung fu. Just like me ... and today's sexy beefcake of manly goodness. Today's Burning Factoids The worst nightclub fire in America occurred on … [Read more...]

99% Black Friday Shopping VS. Haiti Earthquake Relief

An amusing comparison of the 99% out shopping on Black Friday to survivors of the earthquake in Haiti scrambling for food in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake of 2010. Let's explore. BLACK FRIDAY, 2011: Wal-Mart in America Compilation The playlist below covers Wal-Mart stores across the United States … [Read more...]

Occupy This: Stop Blaming Corporations & Look In The Mirror

Remember the outrage over the last couple of weeks regarding plans by greedy, evil, rich retail corporations that were planning to open early for their Black Friday sales, thereby ruining the family festivities of their employees, for example: here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and … [Read more...]

Yoga. It’s Like a Gateway Drug to SATAN … and Hindus.

The good Catholic Priest Father Gabriele Amorth who was appointed Chief Exorcist to the Vatican back in 1986 but has since retired, he's back in the news with reminder warnings about ... yoga. Uh hu. It's Satanic, just like Harry Potter and Hindus (apparently) says the priest who has authored several … [Read more...]

Power Tripping Safeway Security Guard Gets Canned

Dear Dumbass Safeway Security Guard, In case you don't understand WHY Safeway fired you, allow me to explain. I'll go slow. I know you always dreamed of being a cop, but you're a security guard at Safeway. Interrogating a 4-year-old girl that you allegedly caught eating from a bag of dried … [Read more...]

THANKSGIVING: $100 Worth of Thanks Contest on Twitter

It's Thanksgiving in America and I'm thankful for you ... even though I'm not American. To show my thanks I'm giving away $100 to one lucky twitter tweep just for tweeting me. * * CONTEST NOW OVER ** The contest is over, the random winner drawn and notified.¬†Thanks to all who entered and be sure to follow … [Read more...]

THANKSGIVING: Macaroni and Cheese … It’s a Black Thing

Sit down for this. During a recent episode of Pat Robertson's 700 Club, co-anchor Kristi Watts interviewed Condoleezza Rice, asked about her Thanksgiving traditions ¬†... and then it got amusing. Kristi: "What's the one thing at Thanksgiving you just have to have?" Condoleezza: "It's Mac and … [Read more...]

Hump Day’s Sexy Lady: November 23rd, 2011

It's Wednesday, November 23rd, and today millions of Americans will be taking to the less than friendly roads and airports, leaving their warm nests to visit family for tomorrow's Thanksgiving festivities. Nothing says HOLIDAY like a visit with the in-laws, so here's a little eye candy for all you men to … [Read more...]