Human Slinky: The Ultimate Halloween Costume!

Unfortunately you’re a little late to have this Halloween costume in time – earliest shipping is now Nov 1 – but you can get a jump start on next Halloween and purchase the ultimate costume … for a million bucks.

Yes, the Human Slinky costume from Veniamin Shows is up for grabs on eBay for a mere $1 MILLION dollars. Included with the price tag is a 5-year Permission agreement to perform the slinky act on stage and around the world, so you can make some of that money back.

Don’t worry though, you can keep the costume and use it at Halloween and private parties for the rest of your life.


A solid investment and if it makes you feel better, 10% of the final sale price goes to support the American Cancer Society and unlike some costumes, it’s totally politically correct!

Human Slinky TV Appearances

  • As soon as my lottery numbers hit I’m soooooo buying this!