Hump Day’s Sexy Lady: August 24th, 2011

It’s Wednesday, August 24th, and today we celebrate the passing of Eustace the Monk, a mercenary and pirate that died 794 years ago. Humph. Who cares? It’s HUMP DAY and a hot and sexy woman has pictures that need to be viewed.

Sorry, Eustace. Dead pirates VS. hot chicks … you don’t even rank.

Today’s Manly Factoids

The obligatory daily factoids, also known as a cover story you can tell the wife if she catches this page open. Honest, sweety! I’m learning things, like …

Today marks the birthday of one of the most famous Hawaiians — Duke Kahanamoku, and there will probably be some extra flower leis put on his statue at Waikiki Beach.

A powerful swimmer, he won five medals at four different Olympics, retiring from competition at the age of 42. He’s credited with inventing the flutter kick but is best remembered for his efforts to popularize surfing. Preferring old Hawaiian style boards, he often used a surfboard 16 feet long and weighing 114 pounds.

When Duke Kahanamoku began his Olympic swimming in 1912, Hawaii was home to some 200,000 people. Today, just over 1.3 million call the island state home.

— Source: Chase’s Calendar of Events 2011 and the U.S. Census Bureau

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