MILK: Bitchy Grumpy PMSing Blogger Broads

Sniveling, ass kissing apology from the milk board to the humorless blogger broads of the interwebs. -- Photo Credit: Screenshot

Remember my recent post about the California Milk Processor Board’s funny new ad campaign that linked drinking milk to reducing the symptoms of PMS?

About that …

The campaign is dead. Apparently, lighthearted humor directing screw up men to give their grumpy ladies milk to help with PMS doesn’t go over very well with the bitchy and grumpy PMSing blogger broads of the Interwebs.


Take it.

Exactly what were these humorless, wingnut wenches going to do anyway? Boycott milk? Were they going to start putting water on their cereal? Orange juice? How about scotch?

I think not.

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Here’s my proposal for a sweet new milk campaign that’s directly targeted to men …


Throw that shit out because new – practically SCIENTIFIC – evidence has found that drinking it will turn you into one big pussy.

One minute you’re at home in your man cave and the next … [ KABLAM ] … you’re crying like a man bitch, hiding under your bed because a bunch of prissy, humorless, bitching, PMSing blogger broads are moaning and groaning like only some PMSing, humorless, bitchy blogger broad can.

Stick to beer. It’s available at finer strip clubs everywhere and strippers and beer are always better than milk and your grumpy PMSing pals.

If you absolutely insist on adding milk to your life, you’re in luck!

Milk can be a part of a very healthy lifestyle. Every year, naked hot chicks are pouring millions of gallons worth of milk all over their hot and tasty bodies.

Thankfully, these are not the same PMSing, bitchy, blogger broads that are moaning and groaning across the Interwebs. So relax, kick back, find a sensible woman and make milk a part of your life.