HAPPY ARBOR DAY: Celebrate with Naughty Funny Trees!

It’s Arbor Day! Yes, I know what you’re thinking! Another earthy day so soon? We just had Earth Day and Earth Hour Day, right? True as that may be, who can’t use a few funny and naughty pictures inspired by Mother Nature?

It is Freak Friday, after all.

Did You Know?

When Julius Sterling Morton moved to Nebraska in 1872, he immediately missed the shade trees of Michigan. So, he set out to do something about it. His action led to the first Arbor Day, in which the people of Nebraska planted over a million trees.

Today is once again the annual observance of Arbor Day. In many parts of the country, school classes, civic groups and everyday folks will plant trees.

Some will be planted in elaborate ceremonies, others in secluded backyards. All will beautify the landscape and make an investment in the future environment … some of which could look like these beauties.

— Source: Chase’s Calendar of Events 2011 and the U.S. Census Bureau