U.S. Super Secret Anti-Leak Policy Leaked to MSNBC – Yawn

A hot story is making the rounds regarding a new U.S. government memo, distributed by Jacob J. Lew, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, that details new requirements for government departments and agencies that handle classified security information to prevent future WikiLeaks like leaks. Unfortunately, the memo was leaked to the media!!

[Wait for it.]

On January 7th, Emil Protalinski of TechSpot.com, published a story titled: Leaked: US government strategy to prevent leaks.

Emil writes:

The US government’s 11-page document on how to get various US government agencies to prevent future leaks has been leaked to MSNBC. It doesn’t get any more ironic than that. After the various leaks made by WikiLeaks, the US government understandably wants to limit the number of potential leaks, but their strategy apparently isn’t implemented yet.

Emil’s piece is in reference to a story by Michael Isikoff, National Investigative Correspondent for MSNBC, originally posted sometime during the evening on January 4th and updated on January 5th, titled: U.S. tells agencies: Watch ‘insiders’ to prevent new WikiLeaks.

Michael Writes:

The Obama administration is telling federal agencies to take aggressive new steps to prevent more WikiLeaks embarrassments, including instituting ‘insider threat’ programs to ferret out disgruntled employees who might be inclined to leak classified documents, NBC News has learned.

There’s no clarification on what NBC News has learned really means. So, bada bing, bada boom … it was leaked!

Today there are stories floating around countless blogs and messages boards, referencing the TechSpot.com story from January 7th and the MSNBC story from January 4th about the top secret US government policy designed to prevent people leaking top secret information online [that] has been er… leaked – as Nick Farrell of TechEYE.net puts it – to the media.

If you would like to read the memo that folks are talking about online, you can visit the MSNBC web site, or just pop over to http://www.whitehouse.gov/, check out the memoranda page and you’ll see something like this:

Just click the link for the U.S. Government Memo M-11-08 and you can read the super secret leaked anti-leak document from January 3rd directly from the White House’s own web site.

Incidentally …

  • The OMB_Wiki_memo.pdf copy of the M-11-08 memo on the MSNBC web site has an initial file creation date of January 3 at 2:46:24 PM and the posting date to the MSNBC server is January 4th at 6:32 PM. This would be the file referred to by MSNBC as the “highly detailed 11-page memo” that “NBC News has learned” about, and referred to by other sites as being a “top secret” document that was leaked to MSNBC.
  • The m11-08.pdf copy of the M-11-08 memo on the public WhiteHouse.gov web site has an initial creation date of January 3rd at 2:46:24 PM – the exact same as the MSNBC copy – but it has a posting date to their public server of January 3rd at 3:59 PM … roughly 1 hour after it was created and more than 24 hours before the MSNBC copy.

Just sayin’.

You’re welcome.