Sarah Palin and the Tucson Shooting Link

“My sincere condolences are offered to the family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today’s tragic shooting in Arizona.”

Sarah Palin. Posted on her Facebook page in response to yesterday’s shooting spree at a political rally in Tucson: 6 dead, 13 critically injured.

It’s interesting that Palin would say this after previously publishing a map depicting the crosshairs of a gun over Giffords’ district. But here’s the kicker question …

Was the Tucson shooting Sarah Palin’s fault?

No. No. No.

Although some hard lefties are jumping at the chance to try and pin it on her directly, authorities are still trying to figure out who and what Jared Loughner – the key shooter – was all about.

Long time fans of the Look Dumbass page on Facebook know that I am far from being a Sarah Palin fan. However, just because I’m not a fan of hers doesn’t mean I should go placing the blame on her for the actions of some wingnut, nor should you.

Particularly when there’s NO PROOF the two are related.

In fact, some stories and postings floating around are claiming As I knew him [Loughner] he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with 2012 prophecy.

Who know’s for sure.

On the potential upside, maybe people – politicians and media in particular – will take a step back, clue in, and realize that their bullshit can have serious consequences. That firing people up, pushing discontent, conspiracy theory, and trying to tap into and foster some seething rage with rhetoric, innuendo, and half truths when you damn well know there are some serious wingnuts floating around … it might not be the most responsible course of action.

If you’re wondering why I find it interesting that Palin would make the comment above because of the map she published while also saying there’s no proof the two are related, there’s a simple answer.

It could have been.

I’m guessing that she realizes this because the map depicted here was allegedly removed from her SarahPAC web site shortly after the shootings. I say allegedly because I have not been able to confirm the exact time or reason for the removal. I’d post a question to her Facebook page asking … if I wasn’t banned months ago after posting a rather polite commentary disagreeing with her stance. [shrug]

When all is said and done, the shooting in Tucson is not an event that should be used to attack Palin, nor should it be used as a tool to try and pin the tragedy directly on anyone but the individual(s) that carried out the shootings.

If anything is to be made of the 6 dead and 13 critically injured, it’s that media and politicians must start acting in a more responsible fashion. When millions of people hang on their words, they cannot deny that some of their followers are bat shit crazy. They don’t have the privilege of pumping rhetoric and innuendo while shaping the truth to suit their own needs all while denying the simple realities of life.

They have a responsibility to be responsible.

More importantly, we, society, have a responsibility as well. When the people that we follow step out of line and do things that are blatantly irresponsible, we need to call them on it. We can’t criticize “the other side” for being irresponsible or spreading lies if we just stand back and say nothing when “our side” is doing the very same thing.

Whether you’re a diehard FOX News and Sarah Palin fan, or an MSNBC and Obama fan, it simply doesn’t matter.

  • Tt

    it was done by an American Christian terrorist 🙂

    • Do you have any evidence to back that because it’s looking more and more like he was ANTI-Christian? Or are you just being snide?

      • I could be wrong, but I believe Tt is just being sarcastic.

      • I think you’re right but I thought I’d double check. ; )

      • Me

        Giffords is Jewish. The “blood libel” comment Palin used in her “me me me me” video taking up for herself carries very specific horrible historical significance for Jewish people.
        Either Palin and her aides are REALLY stupid and didn’t know that, or they DID know it and are REALLY mean. Whichever is true, I just can’t take that woman seriously and I’d really prefer not to hear from her anymore. I’ll be using my mute button a lot this year.

  • Christophercarloss

    Of course she is resposible. Palin should be held accountable!

    • It would be convenient, neat, and tidy to place the blame on Sarah, but there is no proof she was the direct reason or motivation. In the rhetoric and innuendo game, she is far from alone and it’s simply unfair and irresponsible for people to try and single her out.