Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure Author … BUSTED

Philip R. Greaves II, Author and Future Salad Tosser. -- Photo Credit: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

FOLLOWUP: You may remember a story from last month that I posted on Facebook about selling a book called The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct. At the time, the Kindle-only book was on sale for $4.79 and ranked as the 158,221st best-selling Kindle book at Amazon.

Amazon pulled the book after a huge uproar, but police couldn’t nail the author because just writing sick shit is not illegal … but distribution is.

47-year-old Philip R. Greaves II of Pueblo, Colorado, has now been arrested after selling and mailing a $50 autographed copy of his self-published book … to an undercover detective in Florida.

Police have laid charges for distribution of obscene material depicting minors engaged in conduct harmful to minors, a third degree felony.


UPDATE: For those that were asking what a Salad Tosser is … a little clip from the boys in jail during an HBO documentary interview.

Discretion advised …

Or if you’d prefer, Chris Rock …

  • Melinda

    Let’s hope he becomes some guys bitch on the inside…

  • Teaching

    Child Molesters are child molesters. You can’t change their sexual preference just like any other human sexual orientation. Why do we let them out of jail? Why pay extra to protect them in jail?

    • Me

      So your logic is that he can’t change what he is thus we should punish him for it? Put him in jail and hopefully someone will cause him harm? Wonderful human being you are. And you think he is the problem. Find yourself a conscience!

      • Whatever

        And you would rather be kind to him and shower him with feathers?

      • Anonymous

        Tar, too.

      • It’s unlikely that he can change what he is, considering that he wrote a “how to” guide for grooming young children into having sex and tips for how to evade getting caught. People do get caught, just like I know who you are even though you call yourself “Me”.

  • Zwolff1974

    Thank you for letting us know that this sick jerk was caught and put away…but, on a sidenote…did I really, in my lifetime, need to know what “salad tossing” according to the folks in jail is? I mean, did I really need to know that?