The Look Dumbass $5,000.00 Giveaway

Every December I aim to do something big and something nice. This year, I’m giving away up to $5,000.00 in support of the World Wildlife Fund, and I’m putting YOU in control of how much I give.

Here’s The Deal

For each and every person that has become a fan and “Likes” the Look Dumbass page on Facebook as of 12 noon on December 31st, I will donate 5 cents to the World Wildlife Fund, up to a maximum of $5,000.00. This donation is not sponsored nor is it endorsed by Facebook, the World Wildlife Fund, or any big company or third party. It is my personal money, and all you need to do is like this page and help spread the word. No lotions, potions, or gimmicks.

As a fan, you’ll be following along with my daily oddball ponderings, stories of dumb criminals, wingnut politicians, fanatics, and general dumbassedness from around the world. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, sometimes you’ll get offended, and every now and again you’ll learn a thing or two.

For the cynical, you are correct. I get something out of this charitable event – increasing my fan base and extending my little brand. However, unlike some, I freely and openly admit that. I don’t pretend to be some philanthropist or humanitarian embarking on a selfless noble act. I’m blunt, sarcastic, a little rude, a little evil, a little manipulative, and a little selfish. Not the most admirable of traits, but I’m comfortable with that.

Why the World Wildlife Fund?

This year I chose the World Wildlife Fund for two key reasons. I wanted a registered charity involved in work of interest to me (critters) and a charity with a large, international presence that would reflect the diversity of my existing fan base. Fans from around the world that could benefit directly from my donation, and fans that have supported me throughout the year.

That is the World Wildlife Fund.

Established in 1961, the World Wildlife Fund has grown from its single office in Switzerland to one of the world’s biggest conservation charities, with operations in more than 100 countries. Although known for their panda logo, pandas are far from being the only beneficiaries of their work. From the 1.6 billion acres of the Coral Triangle to Africa’s tropical forests, the Gulf of California, the Arctic, the Amazon, and a whole lot more … the World Wildlife Fund is there and getting stuff done.

Now, it’s your turn to get something done.

Spread the Word

The best way on Facebook to get the word out is to go directly to the main wall tab, click the “Suggest to Friends” link that appears just beneath the page logo image and suggest away. You can also share the link for this page directly, or whatever you choose. While you’re at it, don’t be shy about “Liking” the Official World Wildlife Fund Page on Facebook or go directly to their web site to make a donation on your own and get some cool gift ideas for the holidays.

Or don’t.

You don’t have to tell anyone or like the Look Dumbass page if you don’t want to. Sure, that means they won’t get as much money, but not liking the page saves your time by not having to click a button or two on your mouse, and I have more money to spend on wine and woman.

I’m comfortable with that, too.

P.s. I know it should be WOMEN and not WOMAN, but my wife reads this page and I’m already in enough crap … but that’s a story for another day.