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Men vs. Women: Your Relationship According to Google

Being the scientific sort I am, and purely in the interest of research, I decided to hit up Google for a little State of the Union study. No, not THAT union. The union of marriage. My highly scientific pondering mind wondered ... when it comes to marriage, what are people searching for, and what are … [Read more...]

“Down On Me” – Keenan Cahill Featuring 50 Cent

I've featured this lip syncing kid before doing Justin Bieber. This time ... just watch the video WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO and wait -- **Don't** spoil the surprise in your comments! Pretty cool, particularly for some 15-year-old high school kid that's just having fun on the YouTube from a webcam in his … [Read more...]

Kentucky Man Forced To Eat His Beard

If there's a story out there today that could be more redneck than this ... SOOOOO WEEEEE! … [Read more...]

80’s Video Dating Montage

Ladies ... single, lonely, frustrated? If you can't find that special someone in this 80's Video Dating montage, just get a vibrator and call it a day. Don't worry, the video may be old but I'm pretty damn sure most of these guys are still on the market. … [Read more...]

US Army SFC to Staff: Please Stop Hiding and Calling the Police

Sorry boys. I honestly loves ya, but this needs to be done ... for shits and giggles. Earlier this morning, the following email was sent to US Army troops and employees at the Kleber Kaserne base in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Thanks to J. for passing it along. ---- From: [LD CENSORED NAME] S SFC MIL USA … [Read more...]

Laser Guided Marshmallow Sniper Rifle

In the politically correct world of 2010, this is how you deal with the bad guys. Hmmm. Maybe the UK's Officer Major David Waterworth would be interested in batch? YES, it's Sunday and I have nothing better to do with my time at this precise moment. Jeez. … [Read more...]

Cee Lo Green Has a Message For You

It's Friday evening baby and I gots shit to do! Back in the morning with Sing Song Saturday, and if that's not good enough ... enjoy the new theme song. Remember, at Look Dumbass we loves ya like a fat kid loves cake ... well, most of you. [HUG] … [Read more...]

George Takei Thinks You’re a Douchebag

And now ... a moment of awesome with George Takei and a special message for a certain Arkansas school board member. Oh snap. … [Read more...]