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2010 Halloween House Lighting Show

One very festive home owner here, but I can't help but wonder what the ol' hydro bill will look like. … [Read more...]

Farmville Loon Kills Her Baby

In the game Farmville, your crops can die if you don't care for them properly, but that's make believe. Do you know what can die for real? Babies. Just ask 22-year-old Alexandra Tobias of Jacksonville, Florida, who pled guilty to second-degree murder on Wednesday for shaking her baby to death ... for … [Read more...]

PSA: The $7 Circumcision

A bathtub toy for munchkins by Munchkin has been recalled due to a minor safety hazard. Apparently, the "Bathtub Subs" toy has a little problem with an intake valve ... it can suck your little boy's johnson in and shred it. I know folks today are on a budget, but a $7 toy is no way to circumcise your … [Read more...]

UK Men Are No Longer … Homophobic? [SIGH]

In yet another study to poke at today, it's now considered the "norm" for straight males in UK universities and high schools to kiss each other on the lips, with 37% admitting that they engaged in sustained kissing with another man. According to study researcher, Eric Anderson: These men have lost their … [Read more...]

Massengil Retro Douche Commercial

How do you followup an important toxic cha-cha PSA about men getting cancer ... with a Massengil Douche, of course. Mom likes extra mild and her daughter ... she goes for the extra cleansing. Ummm, ewwww. … [Read more...]

GQ’s Glee Spread Has the Nannies Frothing

Let's close this day out right with the day's top story and a little teaser image from the upcoming November issue of GQ, featuring a special photo spread with members from the cast of Glee. Like 24-year-old Lea Michele here, looking very gleeful with her lollipop. Yummy. What makes this spread extra, … [Read more...]

Balloon Fetish Grandpa

A friend of mine posted this video as an example of humanity ... and I think it's shareworthy. I should mention that it's a sexual fetish video, but don't get your hopes up. After you watch it though, I want you to close your eyes and imagine ... this may well be what grandpa is doing when you're not … [Read more...]

Calvin Klein Promotes … Gang Rape?

This week, the Advertising Standards Bureau in Australia ordered the removal of billboard ads from Calvin Klein - like the one pictured here - that appeared in Sydney and Melbourne after receiving dozens of complaints from sexual assault workers and women's advocacy groups. What's The Fuss? According to … [Read more...]

America: Don’t Feed Hungry Kids … Teach Math

The District of Columbia public schools have started providing dinner to roughly 10,000 school children in an effort to curb childhood hunger and poor nutrition. The program, estimated to cost the school system nearly $5.7-million per year, now provides upwards of three square meals a day to needy kids in … [Read more...]

Wolves Run Past Russian Traffic Cop

Russian police officer pulls a car over for a routine traffic stop. Then he jumps in the back seat like a little girlie man all because a pack of wolves come running down the highway. Russian TV girlie's it up even further, claiming "Wolves attack ...". Please. … [Read more...]