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All Hail Earth’s New World Leader

Carrying on with Mushy Monday ... congratulations to Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, to be appointed by the United Nations as Earth's official world leader and ambassador ... of sorts. Dr. Othman's most important responsibility will be representing all of humanity ... [ wait for it ... wait for it ... … [Read more...]

WANTED: Unemployed Americans Willing to Work

Are you a LEGAL American citizen, unemployed, and sick of those damn illegal immigrants stealing your jobs? Well my friend, you are in luck because there's a job available for YOU right now. Seriously! is possibly one of the most awesome'est of services. Sponsored by the United Farm Workers … [Read more...]

Health Matters: Death Comes For Us All

A few summers back I started having some odd personal well-being issues - wicked, wicked bad night sweats. Seriously. I'd wake up literally drenched in sweat. I know ... gross. A little compassion please. I know ... wrong place. Anyway ... I called my family doctor to arrange an appointment to try and … [Read more...]

Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster

A timeline of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster. … [Read more...]

Warlock’s Whammy – Police Need Your Help

Recently I reported on the crackdown occurring in Warren, Michigan with city officials rolling out new programs to license and regulate fortune tellers ... to reduce fraud. Now, police in my beloved Ontario need your help. As reported in yesterday's Toronto Sun - "Brampton warlock charged with fraud" - … [Read more...]