Things You Should Not Do With Your Nipples

Kyle Dubois – a high school student from ol’ New Hampshire – along with his mommy and daddy are suing his shop class teacher, the school district, and the city of Dover after a tragic accident in class.

What happened?

Well … seems the little brainiac thought it would be fun to attach an electrical clamp to one of his nipples as a classmate attached another clamp to his other nipple and yet another classmate decided to plug the power cord in.

You know … for shits and giggles.

Unfortunately – depending on your perspective – wonderboy got a shock that caused his heart to stop beating and according to the lawsuit, he suffered permanent brain damage – again, depending on your perspective.

How does the teacher fit in?

According to sparky and his parents, the teacher is to blame because …

wait for it …

wait for it …

wait for it …

… the teacher didn’t warn sparky and his fellow students that electricity and the electrical cords were dangerous and shouldn’t be fucked with.


So, for the benefit of any other little fucktards strolling cyberspace, here’s an important Electrical Safety PSA from the National Fire Protection Association.