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Cuba: Come for the Beaches, Leave for the Food

I feel the need to share. This is a picture I took on vacation at a resort in Cuba a few years back. A yummy delight being served during the dinner buffet. For some odd reason, most people seemed rather put off by this particular item ... can't imagine why. Would you try it? … [Read more...]

Man [Allegedly] Sexes “Christie Brinkley” … [Un]Lucky Dog

Today is a special day, with two featured notes ... all about sex. Yummy. This morning I showed my softer side - Ladies for Sale - but this time ... this time we kick it old school. Bad Boys, Bad Boys ... Say hello to Armand Pacher, a 64-year-old former insurance executive from Aventura - a lovely … [Read more...]

Ladies for Sale: Showing My Sensitive Side

All too often, people get the impression that I'm just a mean, insensitive, and heartless ass. Always poking at dumbassedness and dumbasses from around the world while rarely covering the heartwarming and the tragic. You know ... the tearjerkers that really make you think. Well it's Monday and I want to … [Read more...]

Fox News VS. Pakistan: A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course.

If you hate Fox News and love Pakistan's media ... look away. You won't like this story, but for anyone else ... feel free to like, comment, and share the link. Earlier this week Fox News published a story regarding searches for porn originating out of Pakistan, which we followed up with a little Look … [Read more...]

The Nasty Country Search

I've always had a certain interest in the ironic and hypocritical, particular when it involves countries or people that protest. Waving their figure at us for our immorality, while failing to take a moment to look in the mirror. This educational but disturbing photo essay was inspired by a recent report … [Read more...]

Reunited on Facebook: A Loving Mom and Her Son

Most people probably don't realize this, but deep down - deep, deep down - I'm a pretty sensitive guy. And when it comes to sensitive crap, nothing brings on the waterworks for me like a touching tale of a mother and son being reunited ... thanks to the miracle of Facebook. It's with that in mind that I'd … [Read more...]

BBQ Goes Buzz: A Photo Essay

We're already in the midst of BBQ season here, but for you manly men out there that have yet to fire up the grill after a long cold winter, might I suggest a quick review of this little photo essay. … [Read more...]

You Too Can Bask Like Whitey!

Attention Dark Folk, Do you ever wish you were just dripping in hunnies and success like whitey? Are you having difficulty making friends on Facebook because that profile pic is just a wee bit too dark? Are you tired of living a dull and boring life, surrounded by my white awesomeness? Well if that's … [Read more...]

World Cup Booty Takes a Pounding

Most of the fans filling the World Cup stadiums are men, and if there are 3 or 4 things most of those men enjoy, it's beer, babes, beer babes, and the occasional dust-up. Just being honest, which makes this story all the more interesting. According to recent reports, local booty sales have been taking a … [Read more...]

BITCH … Iron My Damn Clothes!

Meet 29-year-old Robert Edward Tyrrell Jr. of Villa Rica, Georgia. Sadly, Robert - or Bobbie as I like to call him - has been a bad boy and is currently facing charges of aggravated assault and false imprisonment as he sits in jail with no one posting his bond. [sniff] What Did Bobbie Do? NOTHING! He just … [Read more...]