The G20 Protests … What It All REALLY Meant

The last thing I want to do is write anything about the G20, and to some folks that will seem odd. It’s all over the news, it’s all over the net, it’s the current hot topic.

Ah hell, I LIVE in the Toronto area!

I’m just sick of all the bitching, moaning, and debate … not to mention all the conspiracy loons. The thing is, one of my fans here asked a question earlier today, and I think it deserves an appropriate response. Carl asked … Question re:protestors. Anyone have any idea what they protesting about yet???

Here’s the Score …

You can checkout virtually any media outlet in the world right now and you’ll likely find an endless array of stories. People crying the blues because police were too rough. People complaining because the police weren’t rough enough. Touching interviews with individual protesters aching to talk about their cause. You’ll even find some Canadian news outlets still on their nearly daily rant – that’s lasted a month or more – about the cost.

Move on. Anyway …

There is one standout story though that will tell you and everyone else what the real deal is when it comes to the protests, and it comes from Michael Tobin, a Jerusalem-based correspondent for FOX News.

I could have just posted the direct link to the story, but before anyone reads it, I think it’s important that I set the stage by quoting from Michael Tobin’s bio:

Most recently, Tobin provided on-site coverage from the Israeli-Lebanese border during the conflict in the Middle East. He also covered Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s hospitalization in Jerusalem, the evacuation of Jewish settlements from the Gaza Strip, the Iraqi elections in Baghdad and Operation Iraqi Freedom from Centcom in Doha, Qatar.

No matter what you think of FOX News, I think it would be fair to say that this is a man that knows /em> conflict and protesting. Agreed?

Alrighty then, I now give you … Michael Tobin, Liveshots.