Kindergarten Brawlin’ – More AWESOME Parenting

Getting back to yesterday’s example of tragic parenting – McDonald’s, Tubby Kids, and Bad Parenting – we’ve got another gem that’s hot off the presses!

The Puesta del Sol Elementary School in South California was placed in a lockdown situation on Wednesday after an all out brawl broke out … during a graduation ceremony … for wee ones in kindergarten.

San Bernardino County Sherriff’s Department deputies have since arrested 2 women – mommies – that kicked off the festivities. First getting into a heated argument and then opening up a can of whoop ass on each other. Not willing to be left standing on the sidelines, several men – daddies ? – then jumped into the fight and a big ol’ brawl commenced.

Marina Vargas, 29, of Hesperia and Queiona Burt, 31, of Victorville have been arrested on suspicion of being a disruptive presence at a school.

Mommies fighting … that’s frickin’ HOT!