Condom for Ladies Gets Medieval with Rapists

If this note doesn’t get at least a few hundred Likes, I just don’t know what the world is coming to. OK, maybe only women will Like this, but let’s dig in…

News media has been all over South Africa during these past few weeks for the World Cup, but the country also has a reputation for at least one less than sporting event … rape.

According to one Interpol study, South Africa leads the world when comes to rapes, with 1 woman being raped every 17 seconds. There are over 55,000 reported cases of rape each year, with an estimated 494,000 rapes going unreported.

In South Africa, approximately 1 in every 2 women will be raped at some point in their life.

As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, there are approximately 5.7 million people living with HIV and AIDS, this in a country with a total population of only 49.5 million +/-.

Dr. Ehlers' Rape-axe, or as I like to think of it ... the Willy Wacker.

Thankfully (hopefully) South Africa’s annual rape stats will be seeing a serious decline in the near future, assuming Dr. Sonnet Ehlers invention – the Rape-axe – works as anticipated.

Rape-axe is a female condom that has been designed to combat rape in a rather unpleasant fashion, and how it works is somewhat simple … if not totally awesomely evil.

In a Nutshell …

Here you have a latex sheath with razor sharp barbs on the inside that can be inserted and “worn” just like a regular tampon. Should someone attempt to penetrate, the barbs latch on to the unwelcome intruder, causing a wee bit of discomfort – understatement – and the “condom” must then be surgically removed from the intruder.

Try to remove it yourself and the barbs latch on even tighter. Try ripping it off … seriously … just don’t.

Dr. Ehlers first announced the prototype back in August of 2005, but 30,000 production units – pun intended – are now being handed out for free during the World Cup. After the trial period, Rape-axe is expected to be available for purchase at around $2 a piece.

Whether or not Ehlers’ device will have the desired impact is unknown at this time, but it does get two thumbs up from Look Dumbass for innovation and pure carnage potential.

What’s not to like about this?