World Cup – Netherlands Babes and Fans

36 women were removed from Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg during Monday’s Holland-Denmark game … for wearing orange! The gals arrived to the event decked out in their red and white Dutch fan gear and then “stripped” down to the orange “Dutch Dresses” during the game – attire that’s very popular amongst Dutch fans, but apparently one big no no. FIFA has launched a CRIMINAL complaint against Bavaria, accusing the company of an “ambush marketing” stunt, but it doesn’t stop there.

The ladies were taken away, 3 were held by police for questioning, and 2 were actually arrested back at their hotel and threatened with 6-month prison sentences! According to South African Police, “These women, who have been part of a larger group, are suspected to be involved in organized acts to conduct unlawful commercial activities during the Denmark Netherlands match on Monday.” Yes. It seems that in South Africa you can be arrested and sent to jail … for wearing orange.

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