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The G20 Protests … What It All REALLY Meant

The last thing I want to do is write anything about the G20, and to some folks that will seem odd. It's all over the news, it's all over the net, it's the current hot topic. Ah hell, I LIVE in the Toronto area! I'm just sick of all the bitching, moaning, and debate ... not to mention all the conspiracy … [Read more...]

Kindergarten Brawlin’ – More AWESOME Parenting

Getting back to yesterday's example of tragic parenting - McDonald's, Tubby Kids, and Bad Parenting - we've got another gem that's hot off the presses! The Puesta del Sol Elementary School in South California was placed in a lockdown situation on Wednesday after an all out brawl broke out ... during a … [Read more...]

McDonald’s, Tubby Kids, and Bad Parenting

I suspect this one won't get a lot of "Likes" or shares, but this needs to be done. A Washington-based consumer advocacy group - the Center for Science in the Public Interest - is threatening to sue McDonald's ... over Happy Meals. According to CSPI, McDonald's is engaging in "unfair and deceptive … [Read more...]

Condom for Ladies Gets Medieval with Rapists

If this note doesn't get at least a few hundred Likes, I just don't know what the world is coming to. OK, maybe only women will Like this, but let's dig in... News media has been all over South Africa during these past few weeks for the World Cup, but the country also has a reputation for at least one less … [Read more...]

World Cup – Netherlands Babes and Fans

36 women were removed from Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg during Monday's Holland-Denmark game ... for wearing orange! The gals arrived to the event decked out in their red and white Dutch fan gear and then "stripped" down to the orange "Dutch Dresses" during the game - attire that's very popular amongst … [Read more...]

Q&A: The Rapture IS Coming!

I gets mail! Welcome to the first official installment of Ask LD. Some folks seem to like sending anonymous questions and comments, so what the hell ... I'll answer some of them. If you've got some dumbass questions of your own but don't want to post, see the bottom of the note here for details. And now … [Read more...]

Reality Check: You Don’t Have to Believe Israel

It's been a week now since the Freedom Flotilla incident, and I've purposely avoided writing anything on the matter. I figured the media coverage would run for a couple of days and that would be that. Well, it's still going hot and heavy, and it's time to chime in. From major media outlets, to leading … [Read more...]

PSA: For White People

Blacks, Indians, Pakistani's, Koreans, Mexicans, Chinese and all other non-white people, kindly avert your eyes. There is nothing for you to see in this note. [pausing ... pausing ... pausing ... pausing] OK. It's just us white folk now? Good, because we need to have a little chat. It seems that some … [Read more...]

Women Are from Venus

Russia's Mars500 Project is now underway, with 6 men isolated in a simulation chamber for the next 520 days to test the viability of a trip to Mars ... but that's not the story here. Ohhhhh no. Although many a woman applied for this experience, none were accepted. The reasons might be open for … [Read more...]

On Behalf of Men: Dear Ladies …

Ladies, gals, women ... I love ya. Really, I do, but y'all need to cut some of this frou-frou crap out because it's driving some of us men crazy. Today I'm talking about beauty products, more specifically ... shampoo. The wife and I tend to trade off on the shopping duties, but she's usually the one that … [Read more...]