For The Ladies – Gameless Men NEED Your Help

As a 39-year-old guy, one of the things I love most about Facebook is all the hot and sexy ladies posting those bikini and lingerie shots. Oh, it’s not the photos that I really like … it’s the comments.


There’s something almost magical about mixing the internet with hot chicks and millions of men sitting at home on their computers gawking. Ya, you’re hot with a ridiculous body, but the comments are gold, Jerry. GOLD!

You can find examples almost anywhere, and I even have one friend that helps with the monitoring here that gets them all the time – the stories I hear from her are priceless – but here are just a few of the gems I cut-and-pasted from one woman’s vacation shots today:

  • MSN?
  • very very sexy babe.i want your sex
  • nice tits!!
  • You seem like a very nice person. I would like to get to know you.
  • eemmm wanna bang ur cream out of ur

Even better than the comments themselves are some of the profiles these guys have. They post this stuff publicly, with their real name and picture showing, linking to their own profiles that are wide open. There’s nothing like reading a comment from some guy saying i wud eats dat ass and clicking on his name to see pictures of him with the wife and kids, and oh look … he’s your local bank manager. [shudder]

So ladies, this one’s for you.

Some of these gameless wonders are in desparate need of YOUR help, and they need to know … what are some of the WORST lines you’ve heard on Facebook or at your local club.

Think of it as charity. It’s the weekend, and your thoughts just might help some lonely douchebag to fine-tune his game and SCORE!