Earth Hour … It’s Kinda Nonsense

Image Credit: NASA

Another year … another Earth Hour … another headache. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some “screw the planet” sort of guy – far from it – I just hate symbolic crap … and that’s Earth Hour in a nutshell. It’s nice, cute, and it sure does make some people get all misty for the planet and their children’s future, but it’s also one of the most nauseating things we do. That is, at least for folks that take the time to think.

A neighbor invites 10 people over for the festivities, and they arrive in 9 separate cars. The lights go off and they light 20 candles – the equivalent CO2 of roughly 10 CFL light bulbs – while singing kumbaya and discussing global warming. Some might even shed a tear.


After the hour is up, they fire up that 50″ TV, BluRay player, digital cable box, and the 1,500-watt 7.1 home theater sound system to watch an Al Gore flick as the host’s 2 children go up to their respective rooms and fire up their individual TVs, cable boxes, and computers so they can watch the boob tube while playing video games.


Later this week, the 1-hour tree hugger crowd will be complaining about the raccoons and squirrels getting into their garbage, the rabbits that are munching their gardens away, the birds crapping on their cars, and those damn coyotes that live in the woods – we really need to get rid of them. Later this year, they’ll be kicking and screaming as they get their inflated hydro bills, jacked up to pay for those new “green” technologies that just don’t work.

Energy conservation and protecting the planet is a wonderful thing, but these 1-hour self righteous jaunts where people play pretend … it’s just too damn much to bare. People will turn their lights off for an hour because it makes them feel good. They feel special for making the sacrifice of electricity for one whole hour, while collectively, they just don’t seem to give a shit for the other 8,764 hours in the year.

Case in point, the weekend edition of the Toronto Sun ran an editorial by Eric Margolis (Dwindling food for thought) talking about the things we’re actually doing today to wipe out entire species of wildlife.

We’ve got places like China and Japan that are wiping out whale, dolphin and shark stocks so they can make frou-frou soup and sashimi. There’s no end to the nonsense that gets pulled over there, but we don’t have the backbone to say enough is enough because we don’t want to risk losing some business.

I’d love to just point the finger at China and Japan as being the root of all evil, but that’s an inconvenient truth … we do similar things right here in Canada. We’ll club our way through seal populations so east coasters and Inuit can make chump change for fur coats. We encourage hunting of black and grizzly bears as hunters fire the parts off around the world for those make believe “medical” treatments.

Polar bears are currently listed as a “threatened species” by the United States, with populations and habitat on the decline – something that could easily move them over to the endangered species list in the not too distant future. You know … global warming … they live on the ice … the ice is melting. Get it? What did we do in Canada when the US tried to have a ban implemented on the hunting of polar bears and the sale of polar bear “parts”?

We Blocked It …

Yes kids, that’s right. We don’t want a ban on polar bear parts because … over concerns it would hurt indigenous economies. Ain’t that special.

To me, Earth Hour is a lot like the Live Aid concert of 1985 – for those old enough to remember it. The world comes together for a short period of time to show their “support” for an important cause, but once the concert is over … it’s over.

On the other side of the coin, polar bears sure do make some nifty rugs … don’t they?