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For The Ladies – Gameless Men NEED Your Help

As a 39-year-old guy, one of the things I love most about Facebook is all the hot and sexy ladies posting those bikini and lingerie shots. Oh, it's not the photos that I really like ... it's the comments. Seriously. There's something almost magical about mixing the internet with hot chicks and millions … [Read more...]

The I Hate America Club

I've always had a certain fascination with America and Americans. Not so much the country or the people, but the words themselves. It's as if they have these magical properties that allow you haul some of the craziest people in the world straight into the light, just by saying them out loud. America. Oh. … [Read more...]

BOOBIES! Bigger Gals Get No Love?

In what can only be described as a bizarre pissing match, there's a war brewing ... over hot, busty, babes. The players? ABC, Fox, and Lane Bryant - one of the biggest names in plus-size clothing, no pun intended. Here's The Deal ... On Wednesday, Lane Bryant posted a rather scathing blog entry, essentially … [Read more...]

North Korea Does It … AGAIN!

Previously on Look Dumbass we told you about some AMAZING new shoes developed by North Korea's Control Machine Institute under the State Academy of Sciences. This week, North Korea has raised the bar ... AGAIN. As reported by KNS, North Korea's Mathematics Research Institute of the State Academy of … [Read more...]

The Call Centers of India … An Evil Plot

Ever since I was a young boy (this morning) I've always wanted to be the source of a global conspiracy theory. Something that's so ridiculous yet still palatable to the discerning wingnut class. I know, I know, it's wrong. It's evil. True as that may be, the thought of turning on FOX News one day and seeing … [Read more...]

Easter and the Weak Atheist

Well it's the end of the Easter weekend, that time of year when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus ... that is, if you believe that sort of thing. Yes, that's right. I'm a card carrying atheist, and to me the bible reads like an old school SciFi / Fantasy novel and religion as a topic for discussion, … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii Uncovers Your “OOoo!” Face?

Across the pond, Amanda Flowers - a 24-year-old woman from Manchester - is claiming that she is now the victim of upwards of 10 earth trembling orgasms a day after falling off of her Nintendo Wii Fit board. According to her doctors, Amanda landed on a nerve when she fell, triggering a condition known as … [Read more...]

Who Wants a FREE $1000 Gift Card?!?!

ATTENTION LOYAL FANS! How would you like a FREE gift card to your favorite retailer worth $1000? Well tough, ya ain't getting one. Don't take it personally. I want a pony and no one is hooking me up either. What I will do for you though is provide something even better ... dirt ... for FREE! I've been … [Read more...]

North Koreans Get … Cool Kicks?

The good people of Pyongyang, North Korea are getting new shoes that are suitable for their constitutional character and taste. More specifically ... Scientists of the Control Machine Institute under the State Academy of Sciences of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have established a modern … [Read more...]

Earth Hour … It’s Kinda Nonsense

Another year ... another Earth Hour ... another headache. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some "screw the planet" sort of guy - far from it - I just hate symbolic crap ... and that's Earth Hour in a nutshell. It's nice, cute, and it sure does make some people get all misty for the planet and their children's … [Read more...]